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  1. salmon-salvation

    Surf & Turf

    $ 12.00

    Brisket blend 8 oz. Angus beef, grilled shrimp & cole slaw

  2. juicy-lucy

    Juicy Lucy

    $ 0.00

    Fresh 8 oz. Angus beef, american, cheddar, monterey jack & caramelized onions

  3. turky-burger

    Holy Cow Special

    $ 12.00

    Fresh 8 oz. Angus beef, double patty, special sauce, pickle, american cheese & sweet pepper mayo.

  4. cambridge


    $ 0.00

    Fresh 8 oz. Angus beef, secret blend sauce, parmesan, cheddar, pickles, lettuce & mayo compote

  5. drunken-chicken

    Drunken Chicken

    $ 0.00

    Fried chicken patty with spicy mayo, pickles and cole slaw

  6. america-favorite-icon

    America’s Favorite

    $ 0.00

    Fresh 8 oz. Angus beef, lettuce, tomato, bacon, american cheese & egg

  7. brassiere


    $ 0.00

    Fresh 8 0z. Angus beef, onion bacon compote, gruyere, blue cheese & arugula

  8. salmon-burger

    Salmon Salvation Burger

    $ 0.00

    Salmon burger, tarragon infused mayo spread, tomato & radicchio leaf

  9. chiotle-bacon

    Chipotle Bacon

    $ 0.00

    Fresh 8 oz. Angus beef, secret blend sauce, parmesan, cheddar, pickles, lettuce & mayo compote

  10. killer-bowl

    The Killer Bowl

    $ 0.00

    Fresh 8 oz. Angus beef, chili, sausage, monterey jack served on fresh hand-cut fries


  1. chese


    $ 1.00

    Choose from smoked bacon, swiss, American, gruyere, muenster, monterey jack, pepper jack, sharp cheddar, melted mozzarella, guacamole, fried egg

  2. sauc

    Unlimited FREE Toppings

    $ 0.00

    Lettuce, tomato, raw onions, caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, jalapeño, pickles, green peppers, ketchup, mayo, bbq sauce, hot sauce, steak sauce, sauerkraut, relish or mustard.


  1. bison-burger

    Bison Burger

    $ 14.00

    Ground 8 oz. bison, blueberry BBQ, goat cheese, marinated onions & lettuce

  2. pork-beef-bl

    Atomic Burger

    $ 12.00

    Fresh 8 oz. Angus beef, topped with chili, pickled jalapeno, cilantro, red onion, pepper jack cheese, habanero sauce

  3. wagyu-brgr

    Kobe Beef

    $ 14.00

    Ground 8 oz. kobe beef, grilled mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, smoked bacon, gruyere & sweet pepper mayo

  4. herbed-chicken

    Herbed Chicken Burger

    $ 0.00

    Grilled chicken served with garlic herb mayo, mozzarella cheese & arugula

  5. crab-cake-burger

    Crab Cake BLT

    $ 12.00

    Jumbo lump crab meat, bacon, lettuce, tomato & tarter sauce

  6. steak-burger


    $ 12.00

    Brisket blend 8 oz. Angus beef, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle, steak sauce & muenster cheese

  7. chicken-brgr


    $ 12.00

    Fresh 8 oz. Angus beef, blue cheese, smoked bacon, horseradish mayo, red onion marmalade

  8. 1-up-shroom

    1-Up Shroom Burger

    $ 0.00

    Portobello mushroom, caramelized onions, white cheddar, swiss, provolone, tomato, arugula and garlic aioli

  9. veggie

    Veggie Burger

    $ 12.00

    Lettuce, tomato, guacamole & pickled red cabbage

  10. greek-bur


    $ 12.00

    Ground 8 oz. lamb, greek salad, tzatziki sauce & feta cheese


  1. single-br


    $ 4.50

    Think you can build a better burger? We invite you to create a one-of-a-kind burger just the way you want it. Choose from a variety of cheeses and toppings to create your dream burger!

  2. dbl-pat


    $ 6.00

    Build your own double burger to exactly to suit your personal taste. Choose from a variety of toppings to create the burger of your dreams!

More Menu Options




    $ 2.50

    Our homemade golden onion rings are the perfect addition to any of our burger selections. Try some today!

  2. hand-cut-fries

    Hand-Cut Fries

    $ 2.50

    Our hand cut fries come from tasty aged Idaho russet potatoes with the skin on for added flavor. Order for yourself or to share with your table! Think you need extra?

  3. sweet-potato-fries


    $ 2.50

    Sweet and delicious fries cut from sweet potatoes add a hearty option to regular fries. They’re so tasty, you don’t even need to add sauce to enjoy them! You have to try some!

  4. fries-toppings


    $ 0.00

Small Plates - Appetizers

  1. garlic-marinara

    Garlic Bread with Cheese

    $ 0.00

    Homemade garlic aioli, mozzarella cheese on ciabatta bread served with marinara sauce

  2. Chorizo-nacho

    Chili Chorizo Nachos

    $ 0.00

    Traditional nachos loaded with homemade chili, chorizo, pepper jack & cheddar cheese, sour cream and jalapeños

  3. rock-roll-shrimp

    Creole Contessa

    $ 0.00

    Fried shrimp tossed in cajun sauce & creole spices

  4. mini-crab

    Mini Crab Cakes

    $ 0.00

    Battered & fried served with mustard remoulade

  5. hoagie-heaven

    Hoagie Heaven

    $ 0.00

    Philly style cheese steak seasoned cooked beef, peppers, onions & cheese

  6. jalapeno-popper

    Jalapeño Poppers

    $ 0.00

  7. wings

    Chicken Wings

    $ 0.00

    Bone in with choice of sauce – buffalo, parmesan garlic or sriracha, add $1 for boneless

  8. chips-dips

    Chips & Dips

    $ 0.00

    Chips served with three dips – hummus, spinach artichoke & guacamole

  9. irish-nachos

    Irish Nachos

    $ 0.00

    Seasoned corned beef, bacon, cheddar, monterey jack with sour cream & salsa

  10. mozzarella-sticks

    Mozzarella Sticks

    $ 0.00

    Traditional mozzarella sticks served with marinara sauce

  11. fish-chips

    Fish & Chips

    $ 0.00

    Battered codfish served with fries and tarter sauce

Hot Dogs

  1. chili-cheese-dog

    Chili Cheese Hot Dog

    $ 0.00

    Two beef hot dogs served with homemade chili, monterey, cheddar cheese, red onions & jalapeños with hand-cut fries

  2. chicao-hot-dog

    Beef Hot Dog

    $ 0.00

    Choice of any two styles , New York, Texas or Chicago, served with hand-cut fries

  3. wag-hot

    Billionaire Dog

    $ 8.00

    Kobe beef, feta cheese, arugula, slivered onions & vinaigrette (2 pieces served with hand-cut fries)

  4. carnival-dog

    Carnival Dog

    $ 0.00

    Beef hot dog, bacon, mac & cheese (2 pieces served with hand-cut fries)


  1. choc-shk


    $ 4.50

    Chocolate, Nutella, Very Vanilla, Strawberry, Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel, Cookies & Cream, Coffee Mocha, Apple Pie. Toppings: M&M’s, Reese’s Pieces, Peanut Butter, Oreo Cookies, Brownies, Coconut, Chocolate or Rainbow Sprinkles, Marshmallow, Coconut, Toffee, etc.

  2. cff


    $ 2.50

    Coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino, Herbal Tea, Hot Cocoa (Nutella/Mint)

  3. crm


    $ 3.50

    Classic Coke, Root Beer, Purple Cow, Orange Cow, Mint Hot Cocoa, Peaches & Cream, Strawberry

  4. almd

    Dairy-Free Almond Shakes

    $ 4.50

    Dairy-Free Almond Shake Flavors: Chocolate, Nutella, Very Vanilla, Strawberry, Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel, Cookies & Cream, Coffee Mocha, Apple Pie

  5. sda


    $ 2.50

    House infused Lemonade, Iced Tea, Iced Coffee, Sparkling Water, Still Water, Soda

Small Plates - Salads & Sandwiches

  1. skinny-babe

    Skinny Babe Sandwich

    $ 0.00

    Organic grilled chicken, haverti cheese, baby arugula, tomato, lettuce & lemon vinaigrette

  2. holy-cobb

    Holy Cobb Salad

    $ 0.00

    Chopped salad greens with tomatoes, crisp bacon, hard boiled eggs, crispy marinated chicken breast, avocado, roquefort cheese with red wine vinaigrette

  3. pulled-pork

    Pulled Pork Sandwich

    $ 0.00

    Bourbon bbq sauce, smoked gouda with spicy cole slaw

  4. avacado-bacon

    Avocado Bacon Salad

    $ 0.00

    Mixed greens, bacon, boiled egg, avocado, tomato, slivered onions with creamy avocado ranch

  5. steak-sand

    Steak Sandwich

    $ 0.00

    Strip steak, gorgonzola, caramelized onion with bacon aioli

  6. roasted-beet

    Roasted Beet Salad

    $ 0.00

    Spring mix, marinated onions, goat cheese with toasted almond vinaigrette

  7. meatless-mushroom

    Untamed Vegetable Sandwich

    $ 0.00

    Grilled portobello mushroom, fresh baby arugula, goat cheese, roasted garlic with black olive spread

  8. chicken-panini

    Buffalo Blue Sandwich

    $ 8.00

    Crispy buffalo-style chicken, crumbled blue cheese, celery & carrots with blue cheese dressing

  9. thin-lissy

    Thin Lissy Sandwich

    $ 0.00

    Grilled onions, sauteéd mushrooms, green peppers, dill pickle, cheddar cheese & paprika mayo

  10. Kale-Caesar

    Kale Chicken Caesar Salad

    $ 0.00

    Grilled chicken, chopped kale & lettuce, bacon, croutons with caesar dressing

  11. cheeseburger-sliders


    $ 8.00

    Beef, chicken, pork or trio served with lettuce, tomato & cheese

  12. hallelujah-harvest

    Hallelujah Harvest Salad

    $ 0.00

    Baby arugula, cherry tomato, pecorino, goat cheese, pecans with lemon vinaigrette


  1. hot-dg

    baby dogs

    $ 0.00

    Served with hand-cut fries & beverage: chocolate milk, apple juice or orange juice. (Ages 8 & Under)

  2. chickn-tnd


    $ 0.00

    Fresh made chicken fingers served with hand-cut fries & beverage: chocolate milk, apple juice or orange juice. (Ages 8 & Under)

  3. Grilled-Cheese

    Grilled Cheese

    $ 0.00

    Our grilled cheese is made with the finest quality American cheese served with hand-cut fries & beverage: chocolate milk, apple juice or orange juice. (Ages 8 & Under)

  4. mac-brg

    MAC & CHEESE Burger

    $ 8.00

    Combine two favorites into one delicious burger that will fill you up and includes fries. Served with choice of organic chocolate milk, apple juice or orange juice.

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